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Meet Jodie - she is a parent of 2 boisterous boys and also a wife, an aunty, a sister, a soccer player and a friend.  She also happens to care very much for two young children that live with anaphylaxis.  So to help make this an easier, safer and funner experience, she decided to develop an app. 

About Jodie

Jodie is the Allergy Aware App director, a self professed nerd and a recovering (or so she says) perfectionist. But she's also just a pretty nice person, a busy parent of 2 boys, who loves being creative and helping others.  

She has been in IT for over 20 years and will tell you ALL about her maths teacher that propelled her to success in the most unlikely of ways, if you give her the chance.


When Jodie's not spreading the love around the App Store (or dancing in her office), she’s busy in the community finding smarter, stronger, cuter ways for people to connect and grow.  

She developed the Allergy Aware App to help Bec - a friend who has two children that are allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. Seemingly a project about creating an app that shares profile information so she didn't have to keep calling Bec to see if her kids could eat stuff.... but as it turned out, as cool projects often do, this app is actually helping the children that suffer anaphylaxis, not feel so different, such an inconvenience, so isolated. 

Live. Share. Stay Safe.

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