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Dear parents of children with allergies - we know how hard it is to eat out, go to play dates or start in a new class. We get it and are an advocate for worried parents everywhere. To help you feel a little safer, Allergy Aware App lets you store key information and instructions including a list of things your child CAN have - a whitelist - to share with those wonderful people out there who care for and care about your child.


In Australia our school teachers and daycarers use a paper based system to maintain records for students that suffer severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis).  They carry these in the playground, the classroom and on excursions - and it's wonderful that they do!  Allergy Aware App lets you carry the information on your mobile or tablet. The advantage is that it is up to date and has emergency instructions & contacts only a tap away. 



severe allergic reaction is called anaphylaxis. It can be triggered by certain foods, certain medications, certain chemicals or stings.  When it happens, it is often swift and can be life threatening.  Over 200,000 families in Australia alone, live in fear of these reactions. Every. Single. Day.  To the people that care, you are our family, friends or just curious - please read more.  From worried parents everywhere, we thank you.

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